Pilot Synergy Point Display

SKU: 5012052061859


Pilot Synergy Point Display 1 piece(s)

• 24 pens per display
• Pilot Product Group Ref: BLRT-SNP5
• RRP: £4.19
• Ink Colours: Black (12), Blue (12)
• Refillable
• 0.5mm tip size, 0.25mm line width
• Discover the retractable Synergy Point from
A unique pen which thanks to the innovative
“Synergy Tip” combines a fine line with a very
smooth writing experience.
Thanks to the unique design of the hybrid tip
which combines the advantages of a cone tip
and a needle tip, it is very durable and resistant to
Refillable using BLS-SNP5 - Save yourself money
and reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill
by refilling your Pilot Synergy Point pen instead of
buying a new one.
• Product Code: 5012052061859

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